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KEN KIRKBY: Warrior Painter, a semi-biography of an unstoppable Canadian artist who puts more action into one lifetime than seems possible.
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The Mystery Behind the Shaman’s Call, a mystery adventure set in an Indigenous village on the remote Central coast of the Pacific Ocean.
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Book signing at Bowser, BC

I’m regularly asked why I, a non-indigenous woman, chose to write a story about a First Nation’s teenage boy in an Indigenous village. What happened to the axiom, “Write what you know?”

The First Nations connection started when I was 5 years old and my family lived near the First Nations village in Teslin, Yukon. Growing up with kids and adults of mixed blood removed many obstacles.

I have wonderful memories. For example, my childhood friend, Louise and I thought it great fun to follow the big kids around. A vivid memory of racing through the Smoke-house tents where the village women were preparing Whitefish for the winter. The cheeky boys would lead, and we would try to keep up, jumping high to snag a piece of drying fish. This would tear off in long, delicious strips on which we’d suck happily. The women would scold and shoo us away. Happy days.

The protagonist, Jay Evans, has been part of my family since my six grandchildren were little. I feel I know him pretty well.

I lived with my youngest son’s family for a time, then right next door. My First Nations connections are ongoing, thanks to my daughter-in-law, Lorna, who is First Nations. I now have two lovely Indigenous granddaughters.

Cassidy, my eldest grand-daughter, often wrote her own stories keeping me company. Although much younger than the mythical ‘Jay’, she loved his adventure…especially those with the Spirit Bear.

I admit to borrowing mannerisms and reactions from my grandsons, so if Jay comes across as realistic, it’s with good reason. The end result seems to be a successful story of adventure in a natural surrounding.

I’d love to hear thoughts.
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The Mystery Behind The Shaman's Call