Patricia M. Fraser

I was raised in the Yukon through the 1940s and into the 1960s. I grew up surrounded by storytellers. Goldrush tales, ethnic myths and grand exaggeration was all part of any gathering. Mom’s big coffee pot welcomed all comers and I early learned to appreciate a good story!

We lived on the Alaska Highway, first in construction camps, then a log cabin on the edge of Teslin Lake. It was a wonderful, free range childhood. When I turned six and needed regular schooling, we moved to Whitehorse. It was a shock to be surrounded by people, muddy streets and tarpaper shacks. As I grew, Whitehorse evolved into a proper city. Everyone seemed to be from some place called ‘Outside’. It sounded magical and I wanted to see it all. Mrs. Porter’s Public library became a second home as I learned about the world.

I chose jobs based on the interest factor. If it added to my collection of stimulating people, I was hooked, from Secretary to the Yukon MP in Ottawa, to caretaking chickens in Outback South Australia. Receptionist, Alyeska Ski Resort in Alaska USA to Office Administrator at Adelaide Festival Centre in South Australia. The last dozen years have been filled with studying and selling First Nations Carvings in a high-end Gallery on SaltSpring Island, BC.

A long and happy marriage resulted in three beautiful children and eventually, six superb grandkids!

Loss and adjustment to widowhood offered time for contemplation. And the opportunity to focus on writing.

My first published book, Ken Kirkby: Warrior Painter was a genuine learning experience. Ken is a natural storyteller and I learned so much more than could be covered in this book. The story of ordinary fisherfolk and a determined leader with a dream will make you laugh and make you cry. It shares Ken’s genuine to appreciation for the natural beauty of the fisheries and people of British Columbia.

In recent years my partner Greg and I have been able to spend much of our summers sailing and poking into the wonders of Desolation Sound and the sparsely populated straits and islands along coastal BC. I had a YA story chasing around in my head ever since the grandkids were little, and now, spending time on the water visiting coastal First Nations communities, I was inspired to finish the story.

Patricia M. Fraser
Patricia M. Fraser

The Mystery Behind the Shaman’s Call was released late in 2019. It’s a proper mystery adventure for and about teenagers but has proven to have an audience among adults as well.

Since Greg and I have been travelling so much, my interest in photography is renewed. We have been spending winters in India, where Greg has many friends. He was adopted some time ago by a very special temple elephant, Laxmi, who graciously added me to her friend list. Our home-away-from-home is Hampi, Karnataka, in south central India. A long journey from the Yukon. But, as I like to say, “If we only have one kick at the can, it is our duty to make it a spectacular kick!”