Ahoy Cat’sPaw


The first of a series of trips during the summer of 2020 in the beautiful waters of the Salish Sea, Gulf of Georgia, and adjacent waterways.

Cat’sPaw and crew are more than ready to cast off this fine August morning. There’s a nice breeze as we leave SaltSpring Island for our first trip North this summer. A twelve knot south-east wind fills our sail in Trincomali Passage. A few other boats are coming and going. Covid 19 has taken its toll, with no American boaters in evidence as the Canadian border is closed to recreational travellers. Hopefully this will contain the spread of the pandemic. All in all, it is a comfortable start to our first trip North of the summer. 

Our boating buddies on their 42 ft Oatmeal Savage easily caught us up with two sails raised, and we enjoyed a comfortable run on this first leg of our summer cruising. We arranged to meet at a new (to us) moorage in good time for a communal boating supper.

We dropped anchor just off tiny Bute Island Park. Hershey the Dog and and our friend’s dog, Louie, happily chased around the trails. A family with young kids also anchored off the Park and it was lovely to see kids swimming, laughing and obviously enjoying this summer holiday with no tablets or other electronic devices in sight.

Call me old fashioned, but the sound of kids splashing and laughing added to a perfect day.

Winding trail thru thick foliage. Bird song and clean air.
Towering old Cedar trees.
Peaceful rest stop.
Invitations for swimmers or a lovely spot for a picnic.

We spent four days loafing with a minimum of chores. Dingy boat explorations of the several island, ogling the beautiful homes built on the shores, sharing watermelon slices cold from the icebox, and funny stories with neighbouring boaters.

Life is simple on the boat, with time for reading—in my case Audiobooks—and the air is clean and fresh. The afternoons were hot, and the passing puffy clouds were welcome. Dusk welcomed a fat, golden moon in company with Venus. The moon trail on the dark water was brilliant.

Sunset is always a special time. A moment of thanksgiving and a sense of blessing.


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