Ancient Rocks

Ancient Rocks

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July 28, 2020

Let me kick off this episode with a few photos of the ancient rocks that make up my second home, Hampi.  For me they are magical. I don’t doubt it is possible to experience a similar sensation in the midst of a desert, or on the top of the highest mountain in the range.

Awe, insignificance, wonder–and photos never   evoke that catch in the throat, the tear in the eye, or euphoric gasp that I experience in any of these vistas, but I’m so grateful for my camera and the photos that momentarily drop me back into that scene.

My first visit to India in 2016 left me without words overall. My most recent visit early this year was the ‘same-same only different’. That’s the magic of the country.

I’ll try to share some part of the ageless beauty of India together with the smiles of its inhabitants. One can compare lifestyles and bemoan the poverty, the dust and detritus, the lack of comforts that we find so important. We can feel pretty good at our general wellbeing, and so we should. But a traveller (as opposed to a tourist) cannot help admiring the fortitude and the unstoppable humour of the Indians that function in these conditions for their entire lives. 

Parents have the same pride in their toddlers; boys and girls cheer and argue and laugh their way through cricket games in a dusty lane or vacant lot. If you look at the world around you in any village or even city park, your heart will warm to the sheer life that surrounds you. And that is what I try to capture in my photos.

I hope you enjoy the following photos of life thru my lens.

            Cheers, pat

The valley floor is littered with rocks, randomly stacked or tumbled. Smoothly rounded or nicely squared on four sids. These provides hiding places fo Palm squirrels, snakes or birds. The giant ‘marbles’ seem to defy gravity in Nature’s sculpture garden.

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