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I plan to share whatever crosses my wayward mind: topical items, evocative photos, whatever might raise a thoughtful comment or a memory or two. I’d love your comments.

This should be a place to exchange views, share what excites you and brightens your day.

Living with COVID-19 is a challenging ‘New Normal’ that the entire world must learn to deal with. It shows no favourites…no social level is exempt. But we will learn to deal with it because by nature we are survivors.

In Canada we lucked into Government at both Federal and Provincial levels that seem to be responding with care and conscience, and a population that, for the most part, is sensible and prepared to follow reasonable medical directions. But a favourable outcome will still require each of us to exercise balanced self-control; conscientious awareness of our neighbour’s needs, and sensible reactions to the medical advice that is provided.

A positive outlook is helpful and that is often the outcome of common sense.
For starters, each day we can attempt to follow the formula suggested by our internationally appreciated Dr. Bonnie Henry. Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.
I live in two worlds. The following photos help to keep me balanced. I hope they’ll please you too.

Temples tucked into the mountainside

Hampi, Karnataka, India is where we like to spend winter. You can feel the peace and pace which leaves room to dream and recharge. Magnificent ancient rocks, many shaped like giant marbles or precariously piled blocks are said to be some of the oldest in the world. I fanaticize that a Giant’s toddler has been called in for dinner and left his toys scattered on the carpet. You will hear more about Hampi and my photos as we go along.

And for just a little contrast, here is a glimpse of my Canadian world…

Our home base is on one of the beautiful Canadian Gulf Islands. The photo above reflects the best of it all: room to beachcomb, kayak and play with the dog! Not over-populated, SaltSpring Island is a short ferry trip from the larger centres of Victoria, on the larger Vancouver Island, and to Vancouver, on the BC mainland. Or you can reach us by air. Thanks for sharing my thoughts.

Ciao till next time, Pat

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